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A Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities

Kim Snauwaert (Belgium) & Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert (Belgium)

Minimum age 12+
60 minutes

What if a marriage is a work of art ?

"Told in such a compelling way that, as a spectator, you sometimes seem to forget that you do not really belong to the family and friends of Anyuta and Kim" (Jasper Delva, Etcetera)

On August 3rd 2018 artists Kim Snauwaert and Anyuta Wiazemsky got married in the town hall of Gent, among other reasons with the purpose of obtaining a residence permit for Anyuta. When they investigated the conditions for a legal marriage, one of them appeared to be the creation of a 'durable community'. But what does that exactly mean ? Since then this question has been at the centre in the life and work of Kim and Anyuta. When the two got married, they decided to carefully register each step of the process, from proposal to honeymoon.

In A Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities the two artists look back on the route they have covered together. The performance is a playful story that meanders along the key moments of their marriage, the way to it and the future. In this way the makers allow you to look into their daily life and their artistic practice which are inextricably linked and form the personal interpretation of their durable community.

Kim Snauwaert is a theatre scientist, a performer and a visual artist. Her work is situated between the personal and the political, and consists of visual installations, video work, paintings and performative interventions. Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert is a multimedia artist and photographer. She studied law in Moscow and visual art at KASK in Gent. She was the director of the experimental arts centre Croxhapox and is active in the Gent Kunstenoverleg.


Performance in cooperation with the Leietheater.

With and by: Kim Snauwaert & Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert.
Dramaturgy: Charlotte Vanden Eynde.
Lighting design: Henri Emmanuel Doublier.
Sound design: Peter Connelly.
Costumes: Jivan van der Ende.
Scenography: Leontien Allemeersch.
Technique: Pieter Desmet.
Music in video: Lester Arias Viczuna.
Video: Sarah Lederman & Jimmy Hendrickx.
Make-Up Artist: Griet Bovijn. 
Production: workspacebrussels.
Co-production: workspacebrussels, Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond.
Acknowledgements: to De Grote Post, Vooruit.
Supported by: the Flemish Community.