Archive NEXT 2019

A Nation is born in me

Soren Evinson (Spain)

Minimum age 16+
50 minutes

In the 21st century nationalist and identitarian movements have made a comeback. How do these movements succeed in mobilizing so many people ? In his very first solo stage animal Soren Evinson examines their internal dynamic. The gathering of large groups of people often provides pleasure but it is also connected with mechanisms of power and exclusion.

A Nation is Born in Me transforms the meeting between performer and audience in a true battlefield. Beware of the dangerous game this born performer plays with the public : Evinson creates a space in which resistance is impossible and the public is incited to surrendering. Through the use of body, text, music, song and objects the intangible player moves through all sorts of metamorphoses. Between victim and executioner, oppressed and tyrant, man and woman he shows us a confronting mirror about the attractive but also threatening power of the collective.

Soren Evinson is a performer, musician and author. He studied at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and completed his master study of performance at the University of London. In his work he creates misleading performances via choreography, song and text which don't shun provocation in order to reveal invisible power structures. His work has been internationally presented at dance-, performance- and theatre festivals, in art galleries, abandoned buildings and the public space.

ORIGINAL IDEA, TEXTS & INTERPRETATION Soren Evinson / MUSIC Daniel Papell / DRAMATURGY Florine Lindner / SCENIC OBJECTS CONSTRUCTION Charlie Hope / COSTUM DESIGN Samara Scott / LIGHTING DESIGN Julia Bauer / MANAGEMENT Elclimamola / COPRODUCTION Festival TNT (Terrassa, Spain), Le Phénix scène nationale Pôle européen de création (Valenciennes, France), Kulturfabrik (Luxembourg), Antic Teatre (Barcelona, Spain)