Archive NEXT 2017

7: Triple Moon

Nicole Beutler (Belgium / Netherlands / Germany)

75 minutes

A celebration of woman and moon goddess

After her passage in 2013 with 4: Still Life  the German-Dutch choreographer Nicole Beutler is back at NEXT Artsfestival with 7: Triple Moon, the final piece of her so-called Bauhaus trilogy.

In this trilogy -of which 4: Still Life was the first part and 6: The Square  the second – Beutler invariably starts from the three geometric forms that are the basis of all Bauhaus architecture : the circle, the rectangle and the triangle.

In 7: Triple Moon the triangle is at the centre and especially its spiritual dimensions. Beutler calls upon for example the triple moon goddess, a heathen primitive goddess with 3 faces steeped in mystery. Three female dancers -Madelyn Bullard, Marjolein Vogels and Hlif Svavarsdottir – pay a tribute to her in their own special way.

This performance is at the same time a fair sample of female empowerment and an antidotum against the volatile everyday life. With 7: Triple Moon Beutler wants to (re)create a magic ritual that restores the rhythm of nature – symbolised by the rising and fading of moon and moonlight.

Moreover, the performance is supported by a three-dimensional installation of the prize-winning artist duo Helena Muskens and Quirine Racké, which makes the boundaries between time and space fluid. It is Beutler's intention to finally remove these boundaries and to invite the audience to lay past, present and future next to one another as parallel universes. 

IDEA, DIRECTION, CHOREOGRAPHY Nicole Beutler SCENOGRAPHY, VIDEO Helena Muskens, Quirine Racké SOUNDSCAPE Gary Shepherd LIGHT DESIGN Minna Tiikkainen PERFORMANCE Madelyn Bullard, Marjolein Vogels, Hlif Svavarsdottir ARTISTIC ADVICE Martin Butler COSTUMES Martijn van Strien COSTUME ADVICE Jessica Helbach CHOREOGRAPHIC ASSISTANCE & REPETITOR Hillary Blake Firestone / Dreamwork Mala Kline RESIDENCE kunstencentrum BUDA Kortrijk PRODUCTION NBprojects SUPPORTED BY Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, AMMODO MANY THANKS Theater de Meervaart