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4 : Still Life

Theater Malpertuis (Belgium / Finland) & Nicole Beutler (Belgium / Netherlands / Germany)

In 4: STILL LIFE choreographer Nicole Beutler distils elements from the long history of partner dance.  Onstage are a woman and a man. Their physicality and actions are guided by the principles of body geometry, and the geometry of space and light. All the elements of the piece are interdependent and composed musically in space and time; leading or following, merging or interfering, distant or intimate. 4: STILL LIFE is a court dance, a mating dance, a play, a ‘Lichtspiel’, a ritual. Beutler drew inspiration from the early twentieth-century Bauhaus movement for this ‘mechanical ballet’ dance duet. She worked in close collaboration with the dancers, and with light and space designer MINNA TIIKKAINEN and composer GARY SHEPHERD, both of whose artistic visions have had a strong influence on Nicole Beutler’s work for many years.

Free buss from:
* Kortrijk (24/11) départure at 19h15 from Conservatorium

CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY Nicole Beutler / MADE IN COLLABORATION WITH ANCERS Marjolein Vogels, Benjamin Kahn / SECOND CAST Marlinde de Vos, Maurizio Giunti / CHOREOGRAPHIC ASSISTENCE Hillary Blake Firestone & Inge van Huijkelom /LIGHTING DESIGN Minna Tiikkainen / MUSIC COMPOSITION Gary Shepherd / REHEARSAL ASSISTENT Inge van Huijkelom /DRAMATURGY Felix Ritter / ARTISTIC ADVICE Piet Arfeuille / COSTUMES Jessica Helbach / STAGE DESIGN Minna Tiikkainen & Nicole Beutler / TECHNIQUE Martin Kaffarnik, Rik Teunis en Wim Loobuyck / PRODUCTION Josta Obbink, Rik Teunis / PUBLICITY Lieve Moeremans, Jildou Kroes en Maarten van Nieuwenhove / POSTER & FLYER DESIGN Suze May Sho Collective & d’Artagnan / MANAGEMENT Marten Oosthoek & Lieve Moeremans / COPRODUCTION nb projects & Theater Malpertuis, Tielt (B) in collaboration with fabrik Potsdam (D) / SUPPORTED BY gemeente Amsterdam, gemeente Tielt, Vlaamse gemeenschap, FPK, SNS Reaal & fabrik Potsdam