Archive NEXT 2017


Ayelen Parolin (Argentina / Belgium)

35 minutes

Besides her performance Autóctonos the Argentinian choreographer Ayelen Parolin brings not only one but two solos to NEXT.

More recently made is La Esclava , a solo Parolin created for and with Lisi Estaràs (a.o. les Ballets C de la B, Peeping Tom). The performance is less sober than 25.06.76 but again there is text and the construction of the identity is at the centre. It is no longer about 'a woman' but about 'the woman', caught between strength and vulnerability.

Estaràs dances with a gigantic star on her back, a bit as Jesus carried his cross. Her movements are a solitary fight against the limitations of her body and the never-ending stream of thoughts. She looks for a way to erase and at the same time dig up her own history, a way to hold one's own in the world.

Ayelen Parolin was a laureate of the Pépinières Européennes for young artists and was granted a scholarship of the Pina Bausch foundation in 2016. She has worked together with a.o. Mathilde Monnier, Mauro Paccagnella and Riina Saastamoinen.

CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY & PLAY Ayelen Parolin DRAMATURGY Ondine Cloez (2004), Natacha Nicora (2012) & Olivier Hespel (2013) LIGHTING DESIGN Jan Van Gijsel PRODUCTION RUDA asbl WITH THE SUPPORT OF CCN Montpellier, Summer Studios PARTS, Bains Connectives, Théâtre Les Tanneurs, Charleroi Danses, Théâtre de l’Ancre, WBT/D, WBI, SACD