WE ARE NEXTThree invasions of the border : inspiring citizen projects from the Eurozone !

During the festival, young starters, designers, socio-cultural projects, social entrepreneurs, committed citizens, researchers and other creative spirits travel through the French-Walloon-Flemish region. You can meet them in one of the NEXT houses during 'COMMUN'IDEE, online on Citizen Map or on the sofa of the Eurometropolis café.

is a bubbling nomadic pop-up exhibition of interactive installations, video mapping, audio games, amazing pitches and more of that. The installations guide you along special ecological, technological, social, medical, ritual, tourist...projects from our Eurozone.
They are civil initiatives, growing from the needs here and now, from co-creation and participation. Visit the pop-up exhibition during NEXT at the following locations and moments :

20 Projects:

  • Sensi-végétal
  • Gosie Vervloessem
  • Jardin de Naissance 
  • Quentin Carnaille
  • Wildebras 
  • Tom Lombardo
  • La Pépinière
  • Fred Degand
  • Roel Heremans
  • Graffitifuturenature
  • Thomas Delbeke
  • COSH! 
  • Laurent Silan
  • Ecolaborative
  • Caroline Léger
  • Tinder Touristique
  • Emi Kodama
  • Rien Coorevits

>Le Phénix & Espace Pier Pasolini Valenciennes
Thursday : 6.00 pm >10.00 pm
Saturday : 4.00 pm > 9.00 pm
Sunday :   1.00 pm > 5.00 pm

>La rose des vents d'Ascq
Sunday : 5.00 pm >8.00 pm
Monday : 6.00 pm >9.00 pm

>Schouwburg Kortrijk
Friday : 6.00 pm >9.00 pm
Saturday :7.00 pm >10.00 pm

>Maison de la culture de Tournai
Tuesday : 6.00 pm >8.00 pm
Wednesday :6.00 pm >8.00 pm

>Budascoop Kortrijk
Friday : noon > 10.00 pm
Saturday : noon > 5.00 pm

Saturday 27.10.2018, 5.00 pm La Petite Fabriek Froyennes (Tournai)

Twice a year active citizens from the Eurometropolis gather for a one night café !  On October 27th we are welcomed at La Petite Fabriek (Froyennes) for a round table and interesting pitches about citizenship and new methods for collective intelligence in Europe. And, of course, there is a bar with dj, snacks, surprising conversations and from 9.00 pm onwards, fine little concerts by Black Paper Plane (Tournai), Mooneye (Zwevegem), Smoking is Fatal (Lille).
Make your voice heard too and sign up free of charge via eurometropoliscafe.eu !

Citizen Map is an online platform that maps out and connects civil initiatives from the Eurometropolis. Co-working spaces, collective city gardens, local exchange and commercial systems, exchange platforms, atypical cultural places, complementary monetary systems, DIY, repair cafés, alternative teaching and cinema... An easy mapping leads you along the most exciting projects and brings other visitors to your project ! Follow the development of the platform via https://beta.citizenmap.org/about.
Your project on Citizen Map ? Mail to stephanie.delft@nextfestival.eu

The Flemish, Walloon and French partners of NEXT develop WE ARE NEXT with the support of the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO)