Free buses

NEXT presents shows in 16 Flemish, Walloon and French cities and provides transport. For some shows, we take you by bus to the venue in the other city. We'll use the travel time for an introduction, tips for the festival and a refreshment. Easy, interesting and free! You can book your bus while purchasing your tickets. Reservation only.


Departure places

Kortrijk: Broelkaai 6 (meetingpoint)
Valenciennes: le phénix, Boulevard Harpignies
Villeneuve d’Ascq: Le méliès, Rue Traversière 
Armentières: Le Vivat, Place Saint-Vaast (rés. Le Vivat)
Roubaix: Le Gymnase CDCN, 5 Rue du Général Chanzey (rés. Le Gymnase)
Menen: CC De Steiger, Waalvest 1 (res. CC De Steiger)
Tielt: CC Gildhof, Sint-Michielstraat 9 (res. CC Gildhof)
Waregem: CC De Schakel, Schakelstraat 8 (res. CC De Schakel) 
Lessines: CC René Magritte, Rue es Quatre Fils Aymon 21