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Vive l'Armée!

Superamas (FR/AT/BE)

France / Austria / Belgium

Burningly topical Gesamtkunstwerk about the point(lessness) of army and war.

“Yes, France is at war with terrorism.” A few days after the terrorist attacks in Paris the French prime minister Manuel Valls stirs up a lot of discussions. At any rate, polls prove that the attitude of the French population towards the army has never been more positive. But what sort of army ? The drones and special forces of today ? Or that of World War I, with trenches and mustard gas ? Is there a resemblance between the soldiers in those days and those of today ? Between the conscripts in the army then and the professionals of today ?

At a moment that war is declared, the borders between defence and safety begin to blur and the idea of The Nation surfaces again in the political discourse. In France and the rest of political Europe there is a noticeable tendency of formulating extreme and simplistic solutions. Vive l'Armée! wants to make the spectator reflect on concepts as a fair war, a legitimate monopoly on violence, propaganda and nationalism. No preaching for one's own church but a critical examination of the reality behind the slogans.


Just like other productions of the French-Austrian-Belgian theatre collective Superamas, Vive l'Armée! brings together a variety of art forms. Theatre, dance, performance, music and film are interwoven in an epic and spectacular tapestry : a film on the silver screen, war on stage and live music. The film that is shown in the performance is based on a series of workshops with some 50 pupils of two secondary schools in Amiens. After visiting the battlefields of the first World War, they created their own film. The leitmotiv in Vive l'Armée! is the army then and now, a theme that has been virtually absent from the theatre stages for the last decades. Long live the army ?!

Whether they make video installations, artistic interventions or theatre performances : with the political iconoclasts of Superamas, there's always a lot at stake, as in Youdream (2010) at NEXT or Theatre (2013) at Buda.

*Kortrijk: 18.11 - 18:45
*Villeneuve d'Ascq: 18.11 & 19.11 - 19:00

CONCEPTION, PERFORMANCE, SET, SOUND, CREATION LIGHTS, MOVIE Superamas PERFORMERS Teresa Acevedo, Agata Maszkiewicz, Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz, Superamas ON SCREEN CONTRIBUTION Jacques Pauwels, Première Pupils From Lycées M. Michelis Et R De Luzarches - Amiens & Young People Of Theatre Worshops Of Youth Service - Amiens COSTUMES Sofie Durnez VOICES Davis Freeman, Dianne Weller, Tess Bryant, Stormy Leugers, Superamas MUSIC «A Piece Of Sky» By Ginger Dellenbaugh And Others PRODUCTION Superamas COPRODUCTION Maison De La Culture Amiens, Tanzquartier Vienna, Kaaitheater Brussels, Bit-Teatergarasjen Bergen, House On Fire With The Support Of The Culture Program Of The European Union RESEARCH PROGRAM PRODUCED BY Apap - Advancing Performing Arts Project -With The Support Of The Culture Program Of The European Union IN COLLABORATION WITH Buda Art Center Kortrik, Szene Salzburg, Arc-Artist Residency, Romainmôtier, Abbaye St. Riquier, Centre Culturel Jacques Tati Amiens, France THANKS TO THE BELOW MENTIONED FOR THEIR SUPPORT Luc Moreau, Julia Walleczek-Fritz, Detlef Polay, Meinhard Rauchensteiner, Chad Wiens, Isabella Oswald And To The Teachers Catherine Peuziat, Stéphanie Legendre Et Valérie Roger And Nathalie Casquinha As Well As Hocine Tighersine And Céline Bergeron, Bruno De Saedeleer And The Association “Sauvegarde Du Patrimoine” Lassigny France SUPPORTED BY City Of Vienna, Direction Régionale Des Affaires Culturelles Hauts-De-France / Ministère De La Culture Et De La Communication, Austrian Federal Chancellery - Arts And Culture, Conseil Régional Hauts-De France, Amiens Métropole, Programme "Parcours Découverte" Région Hauts-De-France, Commémorations Du Centenaire De La Grande Guerre

Location: Tournai - maison de la culture