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Sarah Vanhee / CAMPO


A theatre journey to a magic dreamland.

Unforetold is a performance made with seven children between eight and eleven. Sarah Vanhee designed for them a mysterious dreamworld full of magic, a dark place where they can hide and be safe. There, by means of verbal and non-verbal conversation the children create a new logic in which there is place again for wonder. “It is night but we don't sleep”, they say. “We are getting older but we always remain equally small. We only die when we cannot count any further.” Unforetold  is a piece about the 'black box' of the theatre space but as well about your own head : a place where everything must be possible. The world there is not planned or strategic but special, committed and urgent.

“I love the theatre space best when it opens itself rather than when it closes itself : open just because it is closed”, says Vanhee about Unforetold. “The world today mainly runs on statements, statistics and states rather than questions and research. In the world of today the entering of such a closed space opening up can offer a lot of comfort.”

Sarah Vanhee is a writer, a visual and a performance artist. Her work makes use of various formats and happens in special locations such as living rooms or appears unannounced during large meetings. At the Ghent arts centre Campo she created a.o. Untitled, in which spectators paid visits to private houses and the inhabitants told them about the works of art they had in their homes. In 2013 she made a performance together with the inmates of the Mechelen prison. Two years later she presented Oblivion at NEXTfestival, a much-discussed performance in which she displayed everything she would have thrown away in one year.

Vanhee's work has been presented on numerous European stages and festivals. Vanhee was also nominated for the Ton Lutz Prize (2007), the Prix Jardin d'Europe (2010) and the VSCD Mime Prize (2012).

“A delicious blow-up of the little camps children love building” – Ciska Hoet, De Morgen.

Free buss:
* 25/11: Departure at 16h from Villeneuve d'Ascq (Parcours: Consul and Meshie + Unforetold + Labourer)




Sarah Vanhee

CONCEPT & DIRECTION Sarah Vanhee / PERFORMANCE Luka Arlauskas, Warre Beyens, Finne Duym, Monica Keys, Sudenaz Kolukisa, Lily Van Camp, Timon Vanden Berghe / SOUND Alma Söderberg, Hendrik Willekens / COSTUMES & SCENOGRAPHY An Breugelmans / CHILDREN’S COACH Inez Verhille / LIGHT Lucas Van Haesbroek / TECHNIQUE Piet Depoortere, Maarten Van Trigt / PRODUCTION CAMPO / COPRODUCTION Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2018 (Brussels), Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers (Paris), HAU Hebbel Am Ufer (Berlin), BIT-Teatergarasjen (Bergen),
SZENE Salzburg, le phénix Scène nationale Valenciennes, european creative hub / THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN CO-FUNDED BY apap – Performing Europe 2020 / CO-FUNDED BY the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union / SPECIAL THANKS TO Manyone, Jakob Ampe, Britt Hatzius, Katja Dreyer, Christine De Smedt, Daniel Blanga-Gubbay, Judith Wielander, Tine Vanhee, Johny Vanhee, Marleen Deseure, Xiri Tara Noir, Anna Rispoli,
Mylène Lauzon, Mette Edvardsen, Sarah Vanagt, Marika Ingels.

Duration: 60 min

Location: Kortrijk - Budascoop