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Dance / 16+

Unfolding an Archive

Zoë Demoustier


In Unfolding an archive Zoë Demoustier unfolds an image archive of 20 years of war coverage. The man behind the camera is her father Daniel Demoustier, dyed-in-the-wool war journalist for VRT, BBC and ITN. The search for a relationship to the pictorial empire of world events Zoë grew up with is like a movement from afar and from nearby. In an attempt at a reconstruction she brings the image archive to life. She dismantles the mechanisms behind the images her father recorded and makes a critical intervention. Whose history is this ? Who is represented ? Gradually a choreography of poses and gestures comes into being in a broken time line of physical memories.

Zoë Demoustier (1995) is a performer and a choreographer. She studied at the Mime Opleiding Amsterdam and RITCS Brussels. The body is always the starting point of her performances in which also children and young people often play a part. From movement she makes links with current and committed subjects and creates documentary choreographic work. Through the years Zoë has worked together and with a.o Kabinet K, fABULEUS, Michiel Vandevelde, Ultima Vez and BRONKS. Zoë is the founder of Platform in De Maak, a platform for new makers in the performing arts, and Creative in Solitude, a website and Instagram page that compiles the stories of young people in lockdown. In 2020 Zoë won the prize for young promise of the city of Leuven.

Duration: 70 min

Location: Menen - CC De Steiger