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Performance / Solo / 16+


Daniel Hellmann


Daniel is a sex worker. In Traumboy he talks about his experiences as a prostitute. He tells us why he chose this job and describes his clients and their desires. He enters into the roles he plays for his clients – or for the audience ? This performance takes away the stigma of sex work and reveals the double moral standard of our capitalist and sexualized society.

Kim is an actress but also a sex worker, a bar maid and so much more. Which identity is the most important ? Traumgirl is a solo about female sex work in all its forms and who pays the price for it.  In this autofictional performance actress Anne Welenc asks herself what a woman is allowed to reveal about herself. Traumgirl is the female answer to Traumboy.

NEXT shows both. Two performances about sex work that are independent but together they open a surprising space to investigate our own sexual ideals and identity. Do we look in the same way at a young woman who shares her sexuality as we do at a young man ? Are our mental boundaries actually situated where we expect them to be ? Which prejudices arise, which fears and fantasies do we project on these bodies ?

As a singer, dancer and theatre maker, Daniel Hellmann examines power relationships between people and animals. Sometimes he operates as his alter ego Soya the Cow, a feminist and vegan drag cow. Anne Welenc is an actress and performance artist. She has worked together with greats such as Viviane Demuynck and François Chaignaud and also creates her own work.

Traumboy is a therapeutic, chastening and sex positive play” (Solal Bauer, Broadway Baby)

Duration: 70 min

Location: Menen - CC De Steiger