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Sweat Baby Sweat

Jan Martens


Sweat Baby Sweat is almost the opposite of a dance performance : there is little dynamics nor building up towards a climax, but there is a performance that slowly dies out, just like the relationship it shows. Two outstanding dancers , Steven Michel and Kimmy Ligtvoet, are hanging on each other like parasites and little by little eat away at each other's energy. The Antwerp choreographer Jan Martens, who is making it worldwide these days, let himself be inspired by the concentration, tension and symbolism of circus acrobatics. Sweat Baby Sweat is a sensual and slow work which connects acrobatic power with mental vulnerability. The soundscape and text projections provide the choreography with subtle comment. “A performance in which simplicity shines”, according to, which awarded five stars !

CHOREOGRAPHY: Jan Martens, PERFORMANCE: Kimmy Ligtvoet and Steven Michel MUSIC Jaap van Keulen VIDEO DESIGN Paul Sixta COACH Peter Seynaeve TECHNICS Michel Spang INTERNATIONAL BOOKINGS Jan Martens | Apropic, Line Rousseau PREMIERE Frascati Amsterdam, October 18th 2011 PRODUCTION Frascati Productions, ICKamsterdam, TAKT Dommelhof, JAN vzw WITH THANKS TO Summer Studios Brussels, Marc Vanrunxt

Duration: 60 min

Location: Roubaix - Le Gymnase CDC