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This performance is premised in attraction. In a space that is highly organized and mapped by measurements, we find ourselves choreographed into function revealing the space’s demands. We move to satisfy the grid. We arrive to movement that imposes calculation, repetition and structure, only to unravel its impositions to find beauty in form. Our grid becomes a field of potentiality. Our bodies begin to question how the lines dictating them can become lines of intensity, that could in return romanticize the space into a landscape of collapse.


nasa4nasa is a dance collective based in Cairo. It was co-founded by dancers Noura Seif Hassanein and Salma Abdel Salam in October 2016. nasa4nasa is an ongoing collaboration between both artists and the spaces they interact with.

  • nasa4nasa uses static imagery to research notions of form, aesthetic and value.
  • nasa4nasa uses chance, and repetition to examine failure, affect, vanity, boredom.
  • nasa4nasa seeks to foreshadow alternative spaces as occupied stages.
  • nasa4nasa is housed in social media, to actively interact with and sometimes interject with daily virtual mass consumption.
  • nasa4nasa can be taken lightly or seriously, it is meant to do both.
  • nasa4nasa does not seek to find meaning in everything it does
  • nasa4nasa fucks with dance.





CHOREOGRAPHY Noura Seif Hassanein, Salma Abdelsalam / PERFORMERS Noura Seif Hassanein, Salma Abedelsalm / MUSIC Asem Tag / LIGHT DESIGN Emese Csornai

This project is commissioned as part of The Consortium Commissions – a project initiated by Mophradat.

Duration: 30 min

Location: Kortrijk - Budascoop