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Som Faves

Ivo Dimchev


For this performance from 2009, Ivo Dimchev made up a list of one hundred subjects, objects or persons who in one way or another are close to his heart. For every performance, Dimchev has ten topics selected from ‘the List’ so that no performance ever resembles a previous one. What begins as a seemingly incoherent story about diff erent topics, evolves almost imperceptibly into an intimate portrait of the performer himself.

concept, original music, choreography Ivo Dimchev / performed by Ivo Dimchev / coproduction Tanz Im August, DasArts (Amsterdam), European Cultural Capital Linz 09, O is not company, Royal Conservatoire/
Artesis University College (Antwerpen), O Espato do Tempo (Montemor-oNovo, Portugal)

Duration: 60 min

Location: Kortrijk - Schouwburg