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Theatre / Performance / Music / 16+


Mauro Antonio Pawlowski, Elko Blijweert & Jeroen Stevens


We know Mauro Pawlowski, Elko Blijweert and Jeroen Stevens from bands such as Gruppo di Pawlowski, dEUS, Dead Man Ray, DAAU and many, many others. Of course there is their musical talent but also their strong stage presence is an undeniable trump.

This time the Kings from Underland present a weird and wonderful and sometimes moving spectacle of movement, recitation, tableaux vivants and music. Expect three unique and semi-autobiographical solos in which popular culture, daily life and influences from various art disciplines merge.

In Look Ma I'm Dancin' Jeroen Stevens dances a personal stream of consciousness. In guerrilla style and armed with flutes, electronics and percussion he commits a humorous Harakiri of trained dance on his own compositions.

On Left Bank is a trip through the cerebral and emotional logic of Elko Blijweert. From recitation to folkloristic dance, hip-hop and martial art à la Jean-Claude Van Damme : this is an inimitable and poetic manifest.

In Rocker Mauro Pawlowski gives his peculiar interpretation of the life of the....rocker. Is he a questionable guru, a dubious celebrity or a solo artist stuck on the spot ? In a series of installations which he puts together in a Wallace and Grommits way Mauro shows a lot of little pieces of himself.

Prepare for three curious universes, three unique performers and three times music, a corrupted version of incense, myrrh and gold.

The live introduction will be replaced by a digitally recorded introduction. This will be placed on the website a few days in advance and sent together with all the information to all ticket holders.

  • Kortrijk - Schouwburg
    Schouwburgplein 14
    Fri 26 November 2021
    21:15 - 22:35
  • €15 / €13 / €6 (-26)