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Site & IP

Filiz Sizanli & Mustafa Kaplan


How hospitable or inhospitable can architecture be? In the solo Site, the Turkish choreographer Filiz Sizanli sees the material world around us as an extension of the body. She shows how much we shape our world through objects, how our body gets embedded in architectural structures. Mustafa Kaplan also works on the theme of space. In IP, he transforms diff erent areas by measuring and making copies of them. In Site and IP, Sizanli and Kaplan balance on the edge between dance and movement.

conception, choreography and performance Mustafa Kaplan / light design Yüksel Aymaz / dramaturgical
support Gurur Ertem / coproduction Bimeras, Idans Festival / supported by 0090/Monty, Antwerp, Belgium

Duration: 35 min

Location: Valenciennes - Espace Pasolini