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Theatre / 14+

No one

Cie Still Life


A sweltering summer night, a petrol station in no man's land, a group of stranded tourists who have only one telephone to call for help. And that telephone disappears ! For Still Life this is the starting signal for all sorts of hostilities between the suspicious host who takes in the tourists, the frustrated tourists themselves, their tour leader and a mysterious helmeted cyclist. Someone will have to pay the toll... The group chooses its culprit. But who ?

In this chaotic situation No One focuses on the age-old and current tension between the individual and the group. Where does this obsessive and barbaric behaviour of the mass come from ? And lynching somebody : isn't this everyday routine in politics, media or on the internet ? With a lot of humour Still Life shows how the sense of responsibility weakens, how easily a scapegoat is pointed out and how much power a group can exert. With images without words this performance describes fragile, vulnerable creatures in a hostile world where everything 'fantastically goes wrong'.

The company Still Life is the unique playground of Sophie Linsmaux and Aurelio Mergola. Since 2011 the artistic duo has created theatre of flesh and blood. In their performances without any words, they shed light on a world in which threatened humanity tries to recreate meaning and need at any price.

Free buss: 
* 20/11: Departure at 19h from Villeneuve d'Ascq

CONCEPTION, DIRECTION Sophie Linsmaux, Aurelio Mergola / WITH Julie Dieu, Colin Jolet, Muriel Legrand, Sophie Leso, François Regout and 10 extras / SCENARIO Sophie Linsmaux, Aurelio Mergola and Thomas van Zuylen / SCENOGRAPHY Aurelie Deloche / LIGHT DESIGN, STAGE MANAGER Hugues Girard / SOUND DESIGN Guillaume Istace / SETTING UP, MOVEMENT Sophie Leso / COSTUMS Camille Collin / ACCESSORIES, SCENOGRAPHY ASSISTANT Chloé Jacqmotte / ASSISTANT Sophie Jallet / CONSTRUCTION, SPECIALS EFFECTS DESIGN Didier Rodot / ILLUSION Tim Oelbrandt / TOURING MANAGER Bloom Project/Claire Alex / PRODUCTION STILL LIFE company / COPRODUCTION Théâtre Les Tanneurs, maison de la culture de Tournai/maison de création / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Ministère de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Direction du théâtre, Shelterprod,, ING, Tax-Shelter from belgian federal government / AND THE HELP OF Centre des Arts Scéniques, SACD, work residencie Ad Libitum, Théâtre de l’Ancre - work residencie Coup de Pouce, Théâtre 140 and Infini Théâtre STILL LIFE company is associate artist to Théâtre Les Tanneurs, www.

Duration: 80 min

Location: Tournai - maison de la culture