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Performance / Musical / Solo / 14+

Necromance the future

Bint Mbareh


Bint Mbareh examines how sounds form a common source for ritual and transformation. For her master thesis at the Goldsmith University in London she zoomed in on the so-called rain songs and rituals with which Palestinian women make the dry season go over into the wet one. The thesis resulted in exhibitions, publications and a performance with improvised singing.

Also in this successor Mbareh investigates time and how people try to control it. This time Mbareh examines the liberating power of death. A sensitive theme, because Palestinians are often criticized for their glamorization of young martyrdom. But death can also mean growth. Just look at fungus. They are not only used world-wide to heighten the collectivity in communities, in nature dead fungi also contribute to the bloom of the rest of the community. Can fungi make us think differently about death ?

This performance links the fungi to martyrdom by means of traditional Palestinian music. How can we ritualize death without romanticizing it ? How can Palestinian mourning rituals – like underground fungi – create a place for collective healing ? Through improvisations with voice, music and visuals ánd by means of living materials on stage (such as mycelium) Mbareh tells us about death, the experience of time and ourselves.

with the support of Mophradat

Duration: 60 min

Location: Kortrijk - Budascoop