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Theatre / Première FR / 16+

La Lune est en Amazonie

Mapa Teatro / Heidi & Rolf Abderhalden


At the end of the 19th century, deep in the Amazon forest, a group of die-hard aboriginals decide to disconnect themselves from the world. They disappear from maps and registers in the name of their life, freedom and culture. In this way they resisted all forms of colonisation and barbarity for decades. Until 1969, when two gold diggers discover them. No one can decipher their language or understands the mystery of their survival.

Heidi and Rolf Abderhalden, Colombian artists with Swiss roots, follow in the footsteps of the indigenous community. In a performance that balances between politics and poetry, the duo examines their resistance against the exploitation of humans and environment. La Lune est en Amazonie mixes archive material and testimonies with fictitious texts and audiovisual creations. Thus they re-interpret history and at the same time put forward new forms of violence and colonisation for discussion.

Call it a lab for social imagination. Mapa Teatro was founded in Paris in 1984 by Heidi, Elizabeth and Rolf Abderhalden and has been situated in Bogota, Colombia since 1986. You can describe the style of the collective as etnofiction because the trio raise anthropological themes, mixing documentary and fictitious material. By putting on stage local or global questions, the collective tries to exceed geographic, linguistic and artistic boundaries.

Duration: 75 min

Location: Valenciennes - Le Phénix