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Luis Garay


In South-America the young Colombian Luis Garay is considered to be one of the most promising choreographers of his generation. Maneries is a solo he created for dancer Florencia Vecino, which is accompanied live on stage by the electromusic of dj Mauro Ap. Luis Garay sees the body as linguistic material. In Maneries he works with iconic symbols which show the body as a carrier of all sorts of possible meanings, perceptions and experiences. In this intense performance Garay pushes the dancer to her own limits. The press was wildly enthusiastic : “Florencia Vecino delivers an unforgettable performance with an overwhelming technique and energy. A tornado...unforgettable”, according to the Argentine site Página 12. “Maneries is pure Vertigo”, even states.

19.11 Goldring & Rizzi + Luis Garay: € 14


Villeneuve d'Ascq: 19.11 - 18:15h (Parcours)

PERFORMER Florencia Vecino / LIVE MUSICIAN Mauro Panzillo / LIGHTING DESIGN Eduardo Maggiolo / DIRECTION Luis Garay / MANERIES is a COPRODUCTION with the Internationale Musikfesttage Martinu B, Switzerland / WITH THE SUPPORT OF the Porto a Solo Portugal and PRODANZA, Buenos Aires (MANERIES took part of the VII International Festival of Recife, The International Art Bienal of Bolivia, TheFID, Brasil, The Internatinal Bienal of Ceara, Brasil, Maquina de Movimentos Portugal, International Dance Festival of Montevideo, Bienal de Santos, SP, International Contemporary Dance Festival, Sao Paulo, SESC, Sao Paulo, In/Out Festiva Ballhause Naunynstrasse Berlin, Queens Theatre in the Park, NY, EEUU, Panorama Rio de Janeiro and the Autum Festival of Madrid, Spain)

Duration: 70 min

Location: Valenciennes - Espace Pasolini