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Theatre / Music / 16+

Killjoy Quiz

Luanda Casella / NTGent

Belgium / Netherlands

A killjoy is somebody who deliberately spoils the pleasure of others. In Killjoy Quiz the spoilsport turns out to be someone who is ready to root out any form of violence, also when this is uncomfortable. With Luanda Casella the pleasant predictability of a television quiz gradually makes way for a much tougher thinking exercise.

Participants answer questions. Points are distributed. But what does winning a quiz mean ? You may know a lot about the world but that doesn't mean that you also know the complexity behind the facts. Killjoy Quiz disrupts the idea that you can score points on knowledge by staging a game in which learning how to enter into dialogue is the ultimate purpose. Words are supremely powerful and eloquence is a weapon. The sly multiple choice questions mercilessly reveal our prejudices.

Luanda Casella is a Brazilian writer and performer. She tries to save the art of storytelling from mediazation and damnation. By mixing rhetoric with irony, her work exposes constructions in language. She investigates unreliable stories in fiction and the daily streams of communication. Casella has been a guest in theatres and on festivals all over the world, such as Het Theaterfestival, Spielart (München), Kaserne (Basel) and the Edinburgh International Festival. With Short of Lying, her last solo performance, she won the Sabam writing prize at Theater aan Zee.  

“Eloquence and imagination : they are powerful, liberating weapons” (Filip Tielens, De Standaard)

The live introduction will be replaced by a digitally recorded introduction. This will be placed on the website a few days in advance and sent together with all the information to all ticket holders.

CONCEPT, DIRECTION & PERFORMANCE Luanda Casella / PERFORMANCE Yolanda Mpelé, Lindah Nyirenda / VOCALS Maïmouna  Rachels,  Timia  Van  Der  Linden,  Helena  Casella / COMPOSITIONS Pablo  Casella /  DRAMATURGY Sébastien  Hendrickx /  COACHING, CHOREOGRAPHY  Lucius   Romeo-Fromm / SCENOGRAPHY Felix   Fasolt /   CREATION SET NTGent, X-treme Creations / PRODUCTIONMANAGER Greet Prové / ARTISTIC PLANNING Carl Vermeersch / PRODUCTION NTGent /  COPRODUCTION Workspacebrussels,  De  Grote  Post / WITH THE SUPPORT  The Flemish Government and the belgian tax shelter

Duration: 100 min

Location: Kortrijk - Schouwburg