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Het betreft liefde

Tine Van Aerschot / TREVOR


From Aarschot with Love : this theatre embraces ánd dismantles love

Love is the motor of actions, of ways of cohabitation, of conflicts. Love is never indifferent. In a social climate in which distrust and violence are more and more justified, Tine Van Aerschot finds it necessary to talk about love. Since her debut in 2006, Van Aerschot – a Geheimtipp in the Flemish performing arts-distinguishes herself by clever texts and an accurate production.

Her investigation for this performance on the one hand probes into the cultural and scientific conventions and insights about love. But also remarkable love stories from history and literature get a place in the piece. The text material starts from conversations Van Aerschot had with children and adults about their love experiences. During her residence at BUDA she built a system together with actress Dounia Mahammad to make children think and speak spontaneously about love. Mahammad and her antagonists Lois Brochez and Sara De Roo accompany these stories on stage with self-built stringed instruments.

Tine Van Aerschot is a visual artist and worked before for choreographer Meg  Stuart, who has received the Golden Lion in Venice this year. Van Aerschot made her debut in 2006 as playwright and director with the gem I have no thoughts, and this is one of them. Her second creation Tripple Trooper Trevor Trumpet girl was also welcomed enthusiastically but immediately after the première, the Canadian actress Tracy was taken incurably ill and died shortly afterwards. During her illness Tracy kept working with Tine on we are not afraid of the dark.

After a period of reflection and self-evaluation came the booklet ánd pop-up collection of curiosities A Partial Exposure of a Half Decent Elephant. This investigation later developed into the theatre playWhen in doubt, Duck, which a.o. was made in BUDA and was shown during NEXT2015. Precision, humour and fragility are always at the centre of the theatre work of Tine Van Aerschot. Het betreft liefde is her first Dutch-spoken performance.

Tine van aerschot
Het betreft liefde

CONCEPT/TEXT/DIRECTOR Tine Van Aerschot / WITH Lois Brochez, Sara De Roo, Dounia Mahammed / LIGHTS Luc Schaltin / MUSICAL ADVICE Alan Van Rompuy / MANAGEMENT Klein Verzet / PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Maya Wilsens / COPRODUCTION Kaaitheater, PACT Zollverein, kunstencentrum BUDA/NEXT festival, Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats, wpZimmer / WITH THE SUPPORT OF De Grote Post, CAMPO, de Vlaamse Overheid

Duration: 80 min

Location: Kortrijk - Schouwburg