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Performance / Dance / Visual Arts / French première / 14+

Grand Applause

Jorge Dutor & Guillem Mont de Palol


What if a set designer and a choreographer join forces, side by side ?Grand Applause is both an exhibition in four parts and an opera that is performed in four different rooms. The Spanish tandem Guillem Mont de Palol and Jorge Dutor rebuilds the famous opera Carmen by Georges Bizet into a gripping dialogue between the visual arts, the performing arts and music.
In the opera Don José falls in love with Carmen, who herself is besotted with bullfighter Escamillo. The love of Don José soon changes into violent jealousy. He follows Carmen and murders her. On a stage that is completely wired in order to be able to make sound, Grand Applause offers a compelling soundtrack, a live choir and a choreography of works of art by three artists : Norberto Llopis in the role of Carmen, Luis Urculo in the role of Don José and Bernhard Wilhelm as the toreador Escamillo. Parading between disciplines this performance offers an amusing view of the place of contemporary art in our society.

Since 2008 choreographer Guillem Mont de Palol and set designer Jorge Dutor have been playing together with pop culture and the myths of modern society. The work of these unstoppable theatrical outsiders lustily mixes all sorts of art disciplines, plays with language, movement, body and sound and always uses humour. Next to Grand Applause this duo also shows Lo Minimo at NEXT this year.

PERFORMANCE Jorge Dutor & Guillem Mont de Palo / WITH Norberto Llopis, Luis Urculo et Bernhard Willhelm / TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Carmelo Fernández / MUSIC Marcelo Lastra / TRAMOYA Almudena Sancho / CURTAIN TAILORING Paloma Martínez López / GRAPHIC DESIGN Miguel Marques / PRODUCTION Jorge Dutor et Guillem Mont de Palol / COPRODUCTION SÂLMON Festival, El Chopo University Museum, Estiu in Obres de las Naves Espai d'Innovació i Creació, et the Beques à la Recerca i la Creació de les Arts Visuals, dels Nous Sectors Creatius, de les Arts Escèniques, de la Mùsica i el Pensament de la Generalitat de Catalunya / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Institut Ramon Llull et de A.C.E. (Acción Cultural Española)

Duration: 70 min

Location: Valenciennes - Le Phénix