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Gerro, Minos and Him

Simon Tanguy, Aloun Marchal & Roger Sala Reyner

France / Spain

The three male dancers in Gerro, Minos and Him are looking for a way to spend their time together in an empty space. Having nothing in their hands and nothing up their sleeves, the only thing the dancers can rely on is the power of their imagination and the stimuli they get from the other bodies. Soon they let themselves go in an amusing game full of youthful daring and excess energy. There is quite a lot of knocking about but also cuddling. Primal chants alternate with Kabuki love scenes. The raw poetry on stage, the continuously transforming relationships and the contrasts between grotesque and subtle leave the spectators behind in a pleasant state of confusion. With this refreshing performance, the young choreographer Simon Tanguy proves that he is capable of great things.

15.11 Simon Tanguy + expo Buda + Milo Rau + Francesca Grilli: € 24
16.11 Expo LaM + Benjamin Verdonck + Simon Tanguy: € 14

* Villeneuve d'Ascq 15.11 - 16:00u (Parcours)
* Villeneuve d'Ascq 16.11 - 14:00u (Parcours)
* Kortrijk 16.11 - 14:15u (Parcours)

CHOREOGRAPHY AND DANCE Roger Sala Reyner, Simon Tanguy, Aloun Marchal / LIGHT DESIGN Pablo Fontdevila / ARTISTIC ADVISORS Katerina Bakatsaki, Benoît Lachambre, Igor Dobricic / PRODUCER Het Veem Theater Amsterdam / CO-PRODUCTION zeitraumexit Mannheim, Musée de la danse - CCNRB / WITH KIND SUPPORT OF Institut Français Amsterdam, Institut Néerlandais de Paris, Dansbyrån Gothenburg, Konstnärsnämnden - Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Duration: 50 min

Location: Roubaix - Le Gymnase CDC