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Luk Perceval / NTGent & Thalia Theater Hamburg

Belgium / Germany

With Front theatre director Luk Perceval made a requiem about the suffering of the Great War. One hundred years later, a theatre text was written based on authentic letters of soldiers and other witnesses, which is performed in Dutch, German, French and English. In the trenches the soldiers were still on their different sides, in Front they are all standing together like brothers and talk about their own small war. As always Luk Perceval combines an intense actors' direction with an impressive scenography to make the inhuman suffering tangible. The question of reconciliation is at the centre of Front but how is this possible when sixteen million people were killed ? According to De Standaard, Front is “a masterpiece that gives you a firm shock.”

* Villeneuve d'Ascq: 19.11 - 18:45h
* Kortrijk: 19.11 - 19:15h
* Haezebrouck: 18.11 - 19:00h (rés. CC)
* Val de Marque: 19.11 - 18:30h (rés. Mairies)


REGIE Luk Perceval naar Im Westen nichts Neues / TEKSTBEWERKING EN DRAMATURGIE Luk Perceval, Christina Bellingen, Steven Heene / SPEL Steven Van Watermeulen, Oscar Van Rompay, Peter Seynaeve, Katelijne Verbeke, Burghart Klaussner, Benjamin- Lew Klon, Bernd Grawert, Steffen Siegmund, Patrick Bartsch, Oana Solomon, Gilles Welinski / MUZIEK Ferdinand Försch / LIVEMUZIEK Ferdinand Försch / SCENOGRAFIE Annette Kurz / VIDEO Philip Bussmann / KOSTUUMONTWERP Ilse Vandenbussche / LICHT Mark Van Denesse / COPRODUCTION NTGent & Thalia Theater Hamburg

Duration: 150 min

Location: Ieper - Het Perron