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Et la tendresse?

Clément Goethals / Cie F.A.C.T. (BE)


Dilemma of young people nowadays : rebel or obey ?

Should young people rebel against the previous generation ? Or should they rather keep quiet when adults want them to ? Director Clément Goethals, himself in his early twenties, is fascinated by this paradox that characterizes today's youngsters. For his new creation Et la tendresse ? he let himself be inspired by the Canadian writer Evelyne de la Chenelière, who wrote a lot of texts about the phenomenon of 'being young'.

For Goethals, 'being young' is not so much about a certain age period but about an internal urge everyone knows which can manifest itself at different ages : that is the will to discover the world, open up all your senses and feel that you are alive. In this new creation Goethals and his five young players enter the area of tension between the craving for freedom of the young and the social counterforces that consider their excesses as morally pernicious. Et la tendresse ?  has its premiere at the NEXT festival and may well put this young Brussels collective definitively on the map. Vive la jeunesse !


Cie F.A.C.T. is a collective of young actors who have just completed their studies at the French-speaking theatre school INSAS in Brussels, next to Clément Goethals there's Aurélien Labruyère, François Gillerot and Jean-Baptiste Delcourt. For them Cie F.A.C.T. (short for Fabrique Artistique de Création Théâtrale) is a platform where they can realise their own projects but also support each other. Clément Goethals is from Roubaix but settled in Brussels in 2009 to study at INSAS. Parallel to his training he was already working as a production assistant with various theatre makers. For his final project he participated in the Angels in America adaptation made by Armel Roussel in Théâtre National in Brussels. As a preparation for Et la tendresse ?

Goethals had residencies in France, Belgium and Canada, during which he met with artists from those countries, among them Alain Platel (also at NEXT with Nicht Schlafen)

FREE INSPIRATION FROM THE NOVEL OF Evelyne De La Chenelière BY Clément Goethals WITH Lucile Charnier, François Gillerot, Aurélien Labruyère, Adrien Letartre, Nina Lombardo SCENOGRAPHY Hélène Beutin COSTUMES Marine Vanhaesendonck LIGHTS Clément Longueville SOUND Harry Charlier REGARD Douglas Grauwels PRODUCTION Compagnie F.A.C.T. COPRODUCTION Probedones D'abaigt, Maison De La Culture De Tournai WITH THE SUPPORT OF Citf, Bij, Ojqj WITH THE SUPPORT OF (E)Utopia 3, Théâtre Du Peuple De Bussang, Espace Libre And Nouveau Théâtre Expérimental De Montréal, Alain Platel, Vincent Goethals, Evelyne De La Chenelière And Last Year Students From Ecole Nationale De Théâtre Du Canada /

Duration: 80 min

Location: Tournai - maison de la culture