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Deep Dish

Liquid Loft / Chris Haring


A live choreographed film. This is how you might describe Deep Dish by the Australian company Liquid Loft. A dinner party results in an adventurous journey to bizarre parallel worlds full of organic objects thanks to the images the dancers make live on stage. Every detail is blown up on the screen at the back of the stage : thus an orange suddenly becomes a gigantic celestial body and the petals of a flower change into a wood. In this still life all human behaviour is swallowed up by the overwhelming power of nature. Deep Dish – which is situated between performance, baroque installation and hypnotizing sound performance – shows the beauty and decadence of a human civilization that threatens to disappear in the unstoppable metamorphosis of nature.

* Courtrai at 19:30h
* Valenciennes at 19:00h
* Villeneuve d'Ascq at 19:00h

DANCE, CHOREOGRAPHY Luke Baio, Stephanie Cumming, Katharina Meves, Anna Maria Nowak / ARTISTIC DIRECTION & CHOREOGRAPHY Chris Haring / COMPOSITION & SOUND DESIGN Andreas Berger / DRAMATURGY, SCENOGRAPHY & LIGHT DESIGN Thomas Jelinek / ORGANIC SCULPTURES & CONSULTING Michel Blazy / STAGE MANAGEMENT Roman Harrer / INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATION Line Rousseau, A PROPIC / PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Marlies Pucher / COPRODUCTION Tanzquartier Wien and Liquid Loft in co-operation with Korzo Den Haag and Le Centquartre Paris / LIQUID LOFT IS SUPPORTED BY City of Vienna (MA7 - Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien) and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts & Culture (BMUKK)

Duration: 110 min

Location: Tournai - maison de la culture