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Theatre / 15+

Dear Life

Wang Chia-Ming


No one can catch the gloom of the human mind as well as the Canadian writer Alice Munro. The winner of the Nobel prize for Literature in 2013 analyses banal lives eaten up by resentment or regret, lies or cowardice.

In this performance the Taiwanese director Wang Chia-Ming adapts four of Munro's texts against the background of Taoyuan, a district not far away from Taipei.

Memory is told by the daughter of a woman who gradually loses her memory because of a stroke. Ponds is about the reunion of two estranged twin sisters. In Possession a woman with cancer takes part in an exorcism ritual of clairvoyants. Tattoo deals with a youth memory a cleaning woman had recorded in a tattoo. What secret of her life is hidden behind it ? Four American melodramas in the colourful moistness of Asia, between tradition and modernity, music and video, innocence and cruelty.

Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group was founded in the summer of 1995 and refers to a character in Virginia Woolf's  A Room of One's Own, a book that wanted to liberate women from the oppression of patriarchy. Averse to beaten tracks and conventional aesthetic the company of Wang Chia-Ming already created more than fifty plays with which it won major prizes such as the most important art prize in Taiwan, and was invited to prestigious festivals such as the Festival of Avignon and Festival d'Automne.

Free buss: 
* Departure at 18h30 from Villeneuve d'Ascq
* Departure at 18h30 from Rijsel

DRAMATURGY & CONCEPTION WANG Chia-ming / INTERPRETATION Fa, WANG Chuan, AN Yuan-liang, YU Pei-zhen, HUANG Chiao-wei, LI Ming-chen, Gwen Yao, CHANG Jimmy, CHEN Wu-kang, HUANG Pei-shu, Sunny YANG and LAI Wen-chun / DECOR Huang I-ju / LIGHT DESIGN WANG Tien-hung / COSTUMES Chin Ping-ping / MUSIC Blaire Ko, LIN Fang-yi / MUSICIENS Yu Rho-mei, Kao Chen-yin, Wu Kang-chiu / PRODUCTION  National Theater & Concert Hall (Taipei) & Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group

Duration: 135 min

Location: Valenciennes - Le Phénix