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Dance for Nothing

Eszter Salamon


 In Dance for Nothing, Eszer Salamon performs John Cage’s music, Lecture on Nothing (41:05 min) and simultaneously dances with the aim of creating choreography to be juxtaposed to the text piece. The idea of using music done by words and performing a parallel action as another temporality follows the desire for interaction with non-interference. “The dance in Dance for Nothing should be autonomous and never become an illustration or a commentary on the text.” (eszter salamon)

concept and dance Eszter Salamon / music John Cage / production and organisation Alexandra Wellensiek,
Agnès Henry/extrapole / coproduction DANCE 2010, 12.Internationales Festival des zeitgenössischen Tanzes, (Munich), NEXT Festival, Far – Festival des
arts vivants, (Nyon), TanzWerkstatt Berlin/Tanz im August (Berlin) / with the support of the national Performance Network with funding provided by
the German Federal Cultural Foundation and Botschaft (Berlin) / thanks to Shaina Anand and Ashok Sukumaran / Camp, Bojana Cvéjic, Paf-St. Erme, Jan Ritsema und Ashok Sukumaran

Duration: 45 min

Location: Valenciennes - Espace Pasolini