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Dance / Première BE / 16+

Counting stars with you (musiques femmes)

Maud Le Pladec


Dancer and choreographer Maud Le Pladec considers music as her most loyal partner. She's always looking for interaction but also for the friction between music and movement, by the sound of music but also in the absence of it, in silence.

In Twenty-seven perspectives  (NEXT 2018) she brought a quirky vision on the work of Franz Schubert. Now she brings together music by female composers : Kassia van Constantinopel, Hildegard von Bingen, Barbara Strozzi, Clara Schumann, Ethel Smyth. Every one of them underestimated names in a musical history written by men. High time to count female stars, the stars of an alternative canon.

The choreography starts from social, cultural and political questions about the way in which bodies and gestures are rooted. Maud Le Pladec creates a new body language in which the voice, breathing and song are at the centre. Dancers will not only dance but also produce sound and listen to each other. In this way the link between the dancers and the music of female composers is almost tangible. Performances by Le Pladec are always a feast of the senses and target the heart. This also goes for this spectacle. We bet the female stars will get under your skin !

Since January 1st 2017 Maud Le Pladec has been the director of the Centre choréographique national d'Orléans. Since 2010 she has created her own performances with which she has often been awarded prizes such as the Prix de la révélation choréographique du Syndicat de la critique française and the Prix Jardin d'Europe, both in 2010.

The live introduction will be replaced by a digitally recorded introduction. This will be placed on the website a few days in advance and sent together with all the information to all ticket holders.

WORKSHOP (16+) with Maud Le Pladec
Saturday 04.12, 10:30-12:30, Schouwburg Kortrijk
€ 6 / Free for ticketholders for the spectacle
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04.12: CLOSING PARTY after the spectacle
in the foyer of Schouwburg Kortrijk

  • Kortrijk - Schouwburg
    Schouwburgplein 14
    Fri 3 December 2021
    20:15 - 21:15
  • Kortrijk - Schouwburg
    Schouwburgplein 14
    Sat 4 December 2021
    20:15 - 21:15
  • €21 / €19 / €6 (-26)