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Chronique d'une ville épuisée - Life/Reset

Fabrice Murgia / Artara


A piece about wordless communication. That is what the young Belgian director Fabrice Murgia presents in the piece Chronique d'une ville épuisée. A young woman comes home after work, exhausted and alone. The company requires her to participate in social life. In her second life, she discovers a life that is richer than reality, to the point where her return to reality becomes unbearable...

text and direction Fabrice Murgia, Artara / with Olivia Carrere / songs (en cours) / direction assistant Christelle Alexandre / script Catherine Hance / scenography Vincent Lemaire / video creation Arié Van Egmond / assistant and video Matthieu Bourdon / environnement sonore et musique Yannick Franck / lights creation Pierre Clément / lights Gregory Hamdam / machinery José Mabiche Bardio / technical manager Romain Gueudré / coproduction Théâtre National de la Communauté française de Bruxelles, Theater Antigone (Courtrai), Festival de Liège, maison de la culture de Tournai

Duration: 75 min

Location: Tournai - maison de la culture