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Ceci n'est pas...

Dries Verhoeven


The Dutchman Dries Verhoeven makes large-scale installations and performances which are shown in museums or in the open air all over the world. At NEXT he exhibits nine contemporary “exceptions to the rule” with which he wants to elicit a discussion among accidental passers-by. Every day a tableau is shown in a small glass kiosk in the centre of the city which we do not naturally encounter on our streets. These images of 'strange' people show the current taboos and frictions in our society. Until less than fifty years ago it was still customary to display people with a 'defect' as an attraction in circuses and fairs. By looking at the 'abnormal', the audience probably felt a bit more 'normal'. Ceci n'est pas...Kortrijk, or is it ?

This installation is in the public space and does not require a ticket.

* Villeneuve d'Ascq: fr 13.11 - 18:45
* Valenciennes: fr 13.11 - 18:30
* Tournai: fr 13.11 - 19:15

CONCEPT Dries Verhoeven, PRODUCTION Saskia Schoenmaker, ARTISTIC ASSISTANT Ilon Lodewijks, TECHNIQUE Roel Evenhuis, SOUND David de Marvelde, SOFTWARE Leo van Veen, WITH COOPERATION OF a lot of performers, WITH SUPPORT OF "Second Cities – Performing Cities"



Location: Kortrijk - Lange Steenstraat