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Shed some light on the vampire

For centuries the vampire has been a symbol of power and oppression. On the one hand you see him as an elitist creature, on the other hand the vampire is deployed to demonise and marginalise minority groups. Is there a way out of these limiting story structures ? In the unique location performance BITE ME our blood slurping friend is given a new cape.

What if we were to use the horror aesthetics to challenge oppressive systems ? How can otherness for once not be equal to danger and fury ? And where do the immortals find beauty in their world of blood and darkness ?

These creatures of the night withdraw in the ruins of our consumer society, in abandoned shop-premises and empty bank buildings. Collective Herman invites you to meet with these vampires in their hidden residence. They are closer than you think.

Collective Herman consists of five young theatre makers who graduated together from Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen : Daan Idelenburg, Kenneth Cardon, Lois Lumonga Brochez, Milan Vandierendonck, Sara Lâm.

They make playful, socially critical and conceptual performances in which the classic theatre codes are questioned and/or broken through. They already made quite an impression with their performance Vier Sterren and last year they joined hands with de Roovers for Anatomie Antigone.

Warning: some scenes may shock the public.

Free buss: 
  • 24/11: departure at 19:45 from Kortrijk (BK6)

Co-produced with CC De Steiger

Concept: herman.
Acting: Lois Lumonga Brochez, Kenneth Cardon, Alice De Waele, Daan Idelenburg, Sara Lâm and Milan Vandierendonck.
Direction: Isabelle Houdtzagers.
Sound: Tom van den Brande.
Set design: Nik Naudts and Rosa Schützendorf.
Costume: Rosa Schützendorf.
Lighting: Ellie Bryce.
Movement coach: Lisa Groothof and Arnold Put.
Production: herman, Ann Schoeters.
Co-production: Zomer Van Antwerpen and Monty.

  • In Dutch, French surtitles
  • Menen - CC De Steiger
    Waalvest 1
    Thu 24 November 2022
    20:15 - 21:45
  • Menen - CC De Steiger
    Waalvest 1
    Fri 25 November 2022
    20:15 - 21:45
  • Menen - CC De Steiger
    Waalvest 1
    Sun 27 November 2022
    17:00 - 18:30
  • €15 / €13 / €6 (-26)