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Theatre / 16+

All Inclusive

Julian Hetzel/CAMPO

Netherlands / Germany

Drawing beauty from human horror : is it committed political art or simply the easy recuperation of others' suffering ? All inclusive questions the aesthetization of violence and the explosive power of war images. The Dutch-German artist Julian Hetzel imported a few kilos of war rubble from Syria and transformed the debris into art in Europe. Art next to war, tourists next to refugees, reality next to imagination.

During a tour through a temporary exhibition space you are invited to look at a visit to a museum where reality hits you hard. What if we could capitalize  empathy by making people watch people ? All inclusive is a provocative and cutting performance that you won't easily forget. For her part as a museum guide Kristien De Proost was nominated for the Théo d'Or, the most important Dutch theatre prize for an actress. 

Julian Hetzel studied performing arts at DasArts in Amsterdam. Since then he has created provocative performances with a political undertone which challenge the codes of theatre. His work is often documentary, on the crossing of theatre, performance, media, music and visual art. In Schuldfabrik he asked questions about guilt and the washing away of guilt by means of soap made of human fat. With All Inclusive NEXT is acquainted with Hetzel's impressive work for the first time.

Free buss:
* Departure at 18h30 from Villeneuve d'Ascq
* Departure at 19h15 from Kortrijk

DIRECTOR Julian Hetzel / PERFORMERS Kristien De Proost, Edoardo Ripani, Geert Belpaeme & lokale figuranten / DRAMATURGY Miguel Angel Melgares / ARTISTIC ADVICE Sodja Lotker / COSTUMES Anne-Catherine Kunz / TECHNICIANS Korneel Coessens & Piet Depoortere / PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Sabine Mangeleer productie CAMPO i.s.m. Stichting & Heit Utrecht / COPRODUCTION Frascati Producties, Schauspiel Leipzig, Münchner Kammerspiele & SPIELART Festival / SPECIAL THANKS TO Grace Al-Ahmar & Liam Alzafari (rubble art), Hannes Waldschütz (design spin art machine), Niklas Hamman (3 art design) & Printstudio 868, Ahmad Alhaj-Karim, Ahmed M I Soboh, Alaa Howija, Babak Tolouei, Ban Al-Shaikhli, Dubravko Butina, Emad Khazal, Fadi Rajab, Ghassan Al Najjar, Mina Ahmadyaar, Mohannad F Khalaf, Nadia Alhassanat, Nasrudin Alham, Nazila Bahador, Patrick Debyser, Yara Ward e.a.

Duration: 90 min

Location: Ieper - Het Perron