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Pablo Larraín (CL)


Moving theatre debut of Oscar-nominated Chilean director.

Sandokan is a somewhat confused man who wanders through the streets of Santiago in Chile. To survive he sells all sorts of baubles to passers-by. He attracts their attention by telling stories about his life : how he was maltreated at home as a child, became the victim of sexual abuse as a teenager and has since tried to escape marginality by trial and error. Actor and stage animal Roberto Farías gives shape to Sandokan in a unique way, with a lot of black humour and a disarming authenticity. Le Monde :”The result is magnificent. Roberto Farías gives an unbelievable rendition of this role. He doesn't act, he completely transforms into Sandokan.” This endearing and moving monologue is based on real testimonies of abused boys and was accomplished after hours of improvisation so that the text completely sticks to the skin of Farías.

Acceso is the very first theatre performance produced by film maker Pablo Larraín. His films, which are characterized by a critical attitude towards the Chilean society and the impact of the former military dictatorship, are also very successful internationally. In 2008 he won the prize for best film at the film festival of Turin with Tony Manero. No, a film featuring Gael Garcia Bernal was nominated for the Oscars as one of the best foreign films. In 2015 he made El Club, a film that won the grand prize of the jury in Berlin. These days he is making a biopic about the poet Pablo Neruda, again with Gael Garcia Bernal in one of the main parts. Just like his personage, actor Roberto Farías originally comes from one of the poorer neighbourhoods of Santiago, yet he managed to build an impressive career in television and theatre. In 2009 he received the Prix Altazor as best theatre actor and in 2012 as best film actor. For his role in La Buena Vida of Andrés Woods in 2008 he won the prize as best actor at the Festival de Cinéma Latino-Américain in Biarritz.

*Menen: 26.11 - 18:00
*Kortrijk: 26.11 - 17:45 (parcours)
*Tournai: 29.11 - 18:00 

*25.11 - Pablo Larraín + Omar Abusaada ou Kornel Mundruczo
*26.11 - Pablo Larraín + Omar Abusaada
*28.11 - Pablo Larraín + Theatre NO99
*29.11 - Pablo Larraín + Theatre NO99 


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Pablo Larraín - El Club (2015, Spanish spoken + subtitles in French/Dutch) 21.11, 20:15
Pablo Larraín - Tony Manero (2008, Spanish spoken + subtitles in French/Dutch) 22.11, 20:15

DIRECTOR Omar Abusaada DRAMATURGY Pablo Larraín & Roberto Farías DIRECTED BY Pablo Larraín ACTING Roberto Farías LIGHTS CREATION Sergio Amstrong ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Josefina Dagorret STAGE MANAGEMENT Catalina Olea FRENCH TEXT Tiphaine Caron & Nicole Mersey SHOW PREMIERED In April 2014 At The Teatro La Memoria, Santiago De Chile ASSOCIATE PRODUCTION Association Sens Interdits in partnership with Fitam-Fundacíon Teatro A Mil, Chile SHOW PRESENTED IN FRANCE WITH THE SUPPORT OF Onda

Duration: 55 min

Location: Villeneuve d'Ascq - La rose des vents