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A Forbidden Act

Movement Dang-Dang / Min-Jung Kim

South Korea

Suicide on stage. In the classical tragedies Medea and Antigone take their own life. In Forbidden Act the South Korean company Movement Dang-Dang puts thirteen performers on stage in the last hour before they commit suicide. What's going on in their head ? Why do they commit this desperate act ? Which actions do they still undertake in the last hour of their life ? Set up as a sort of block of flats of two floors so that you can look into each mini- apartment the actors tell their story. Time is ticking away but you don't get to see the ultimate act in this play. Director Kim Min Jung is not after sensation or shock but she wants to give us an insight into the complex psyche of her Korean compatriots, a culture that is very different from ours.


DIRECTOR/CHOREOGRAPHER: Min-jung Kim, SOUND DESIGN: Seong-ah Shin, LIGHTING DESIGN: Chul-hee Kim WITH Shin Hyeon Kyeong, Lee Gyu Ri, Kwon Taekki, Lee Dokyung, Hu Yinyin, Han Eunjoo, Seo Jae Young, Choi Junghyun, Kim Hyun, Lee Sinsil, Kim Oki… PHOTO Myung-jib KIM, Pop-corn, PRODUCER: Ha-na Jo TOUR MANAGER Yung-kwan Jee CAST Movement Dang-DangTour organized with le Théâtre Garonne, scène européenne – Toulouse, in corealisation with L’Institut français
« Manifestation organisée dans le cadre de l’Année France-Corée 2015-2016 » Avec le soutien de la MEL (Métropole Européenne de Lille)


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Duration: 60 min

Location: Villeneuve d'Ascq - La rose des vents