SAT 26.11, 13:30
le Phénix Valenciennes (free, reservation via

NEXT takes place in and around the Franco-Belgian Eurometropolis of Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai of more than 2.1 million inhabitants, with an internationally connected network of freeways, high-speed trains, airports and waterways. It is a meeting place and crossroads between metropolises such as Brussels, Paris and London. At the same time, land and language borders thwart the sense of belonging and shared ownership.

With CIRCULATIONS, NEXT gives an impetus to think 'further' about the liveability and future of our common living space. We start from the artist and from two unmistakable characteristics of this region: the water and the border. Artists, cultural and educational partners, residents, students, associations, companies, policy makers focus on the challenges for the coming years and develop new forms to bring them to attention.

The start of this multi-year project consists of a critical and artistic investigation by the students of the Master in Political Arts (SPEAP), founded by French sociologist Bruno Latour. On Nov. 26, 1:30 p.m., they invite you to le Phénix for a first meeting.

The results of this first phase will be presented in June 2023, along with a roadmap for the coming years.