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Het Hamiltoncomplex

Lies Pauwels / HETPALEIS


The Hamilton Complex is a performance with thirteen thirteen-year-old girls and a body-builder. But who are they, these girls of 13 ? Sometimes they all seem to be themselves, then again they especially resemble each other. The Hamilton Complex is a physical, visual and philosophical performance about those moments in life at which things begin to shift. But does such a moment define your identity ? In The Hamilton Complex fantasy and reality, present and past, thoughts and expressions, copycat behaviour and heroism come together. Sometimes flowing, then again brutal. Long ago director Lies Pauwels acted in a legendary trilogy by Arne Sierens & Alain Platel. She worked together with Herman Brusselmans and her previous performance White Lies was selected for Circuit x, a talent platform of Het Theaterfestival.


Duration: 105 min

Location: Lille - Le Grand Bleu